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Virtual Medical Scribes

What They Can Do For You

Physicians Angels has provided Virtual Medical Scribe services nationwide since 2007. Our Virtual Medical Scribes perform customized, EMR data management services that do not require more expensive, ‘hands-on’ staffing.

Physicians Angels recruits, hires, and trains highly-trainedmedical scribes for your clinic and specialty. Before working with you, our scribeshave learned already your specialty and your medical practice’s EMR, and then work according to your workflow preferences and office’s personnel and IT policies.

Among the core tasks our Virtual Medical Scribes perform:

  • Chart patient visits in real-time

  • Enter CPT/ICD codes for billing purposes

  • Process e-prescriptions and orders

  • Generate referral letters

Among the key benefits our Virtual Medical Scribes bring to your practice:

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend with paper work and documentation by at least 2-3 hours per clinic day.

  • Allow you to see more patients – and spend more time outside of the office with family and friends without any charting “home work” to do

Help you to achieve greater productivity by reducing your administrative work load, while ensuring yourhands and mind are free to provide quality patient care.

Physicians Angels also can provide your medical practice with document management services through our EZ Scandocs service, as well as customized transcription, software, and IT hardware services. Contact us now for more information.

Virtual Medical Assistant

Angels can start their work before the patient sees you. Angels can place reminder phone calls to patients. During such phone calls they can:

  • Verify insurance status

  • Check for appropriate referrals

  • Obtain an history of present illness, past medical history

  • Allergies and obtain review of systems

  • Verify medications

  • Identify tests that need to be at the office on the day of visit and much more

Virtual Scribe

On the day of the office visit, Angels listen to you while you examine the patient. They record your findings into the EMR and then generate the appropriate letter based off your templates. The coding and billing can be done within minutes by the specialty specific coders/billers. The billing component is a separate service and you may choose to keep your existing billing arrangements. At the end of the business day, the Angels will have all your patients’ charts completed requiring a sign off.

During the course of an office visit, an Angel can be asked to remind you of things to look up or a person to contact. Angels can also be requested to pull an article for you to review. In fact, if you are between patients and want to have lunch delivered, an Angel can take your order and place it with your local restaurant and have it delivered (assuming delivery service is available in your area).

Virtual Medical Scribes

How it Works

How it Works

Time & Cost Savings

Virtual Medical Scribes are Cost-Effective:

Physicians Angels' Virtual Medical Scribes cost far less than having scribes work for you in-house. We take the time to hire and train scribes, and only charge you a flat, hourly fee with no overhead costs or risk of scribe absenteeism. Additionally, our Virtual Medical Scribes provide far greater value-added services than transcription, as our scribes chart your exams in real-time in your EMR, can process orders and e-prescription, and ensure the EMR charting work is done by the end of the day.


Depending on a doctor's style, our Virtual Medical Scribes Angels can save up to 2-3 hours of time each clinic day! Our Virtual Medical Scribes process the entire exam in the EMR during the patient encounter. Our Virtual Medical Scribes can process orders and e-prescription and generate most referral letters with the doctor only having to review and sign off on them. Doctors use these time savings to see more patients, focus on other aspects of their practice, or have more time for their family and friends.


Doctors who use Physicians Angels' Virtual Medical Scribes can see net earnings of between $50,000 - $100,000 more per year, due to the additional patients they can see.

Effective EMR Management:

Doctors and office staff don't have to become EMR experts. Our Virtual Medical Scribes manage your EMR via a secure, HIPAA-compliant network. This frees you up to focus on patient satisfaction, revenue generation, performance, and other clinic demands.

Virtual Medical Scribes

HIPAA-Compliant and Secure

We at Physicians Angels deliver our customized services via employee leasing arrangements to your medical practice. Our scribes receive extensive certified HIPAA training, and work accordingly to your practice’s IT and personnel policies.

Our Virtual Medical Scribes develop strong, long-term working relationships with your practice. Our Virtual Medical Scribes pass through a series of rigorous and intensive training courses and a mentorship period with medical professionals before they begin working for you.

Additionally, our Virtual Medical Scribes’ work centers on the following core principles, as articulated by The Institute of Medicine (IOM) to improve the delivery of health care:

  • Safe

  • Timely

  • Efficient

  • Effective

  • Equitable

  • Patient Centered

At Physicians Angels, our Virtual Medical Scribes enable physicians to meet easily the IOM’s standards. Our scribes allow doctors to be patient focused and centered. They allow for timely EMR record management. And by increasing workflow efficiency and office productivity, scribes allow doctors to see more patients, which ensures equitable access to patients.

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