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Make Virtual Scribes Your Reality

The requirements associated with being a cardiologist can often seem overwhelming. Every patient has a story, and all factors must be taken into consideration when forming a treatment plan.

It is hard enough to move from room to room and provide top-notch care to every patient, much less have the blinking cursor beckoning in the background reminding you that not only do you have to treat your patient, you have to care for your EMR. While EMR's do keep items in proper order, tending to them, adds unneeded stress to an already busy schedule. 


Being a doctor is stressful enough, why should completing notes add to that stress?

Through our Virtual Scribe Service Physicians' Angels (the oldest and most trusted Virtual Scribe Company) provides Cardiologists the relief and reassurance of knowing that notes are completed in real time, allowing doctors to focus on patient care instead of EMR care.

We provide this service in a HIPAA compliant and professional manner without adding another body to the room and at a much less expensive per hour charge.
We even eliminate the headaches associated with training, retaining, and making sure the scribes show up.

Physicians Angels estimate the average Cardiologist is able to see an additional revenue of $80,000 per year if an additional 2 patients per day are seen in a three day (clinic) week.

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