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A virtual scribe can help you save critical time.

Emergency Departments are incredibly complicated and stressful places, and not just for the patients. From the moment a doctor walks in the door and begins their shift, they never quite know what to expect. Anything can come their way from treating the common cold to car accidents and everything in between. When doctors start their shift, they usually don’t have any clue what they are going to see.

The entire shift is a mystery until they get into it. The only thing that doctors in the Emergency Department know for sure is that they have to triage their notes with as much care as they do their patients. On average, a doctor spends two hours dealing with the onerous documentation requirements for every hour of patient care.


Being a doctor is stressful enough, why should completing notes add to that stress?

Through our Virtual Scribe Service Physicians Angels (the oldest and most trusted Virtual Scribe Company) provides Emergency Departments the relief and reassurance of knowing that notes are completed in real-time, allowing doctors to focus on patient care instead of EMR care.

We provide this service in a HIPAA compliant and professional manner without adding another body to the room and at a much less expensive per hour charge. We even eliminate the headaches associated with training, retaining, and making sure the scribes show up. Contact us today to see how we can save both time and money.

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From our HIPAA-secure facility, our scribes save time, improve your ability to provide patient care, and even allow you to see more patients daily.