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7 Telltale Signs Your Practice Needs Virtual Staffing Support

In today's fast-paced world, medical practices constantly strive to improve efficiency without compromising patient care. With the rise of remote work in various sectors, healthcare providers and practice managers are also embracing the idea of virtual staffing.

Ophthalmology scribes

What’s Driving Up The Demand For Ophthalmology Scribes?

This blog post explores how implementing scribes in ophthalmology practices is an effective strategy to increase productivity and enhance patient care. Read on.

The Shift Toward Virtual Staffing: Addressing the FTE Provider-to-Employee Ratio

Traditionally, a standard 40-hour workweek is used as a benchmark to define FTEs, but in healthcare, this figure can lead to miscalculations, due to the unique nature of providers’ work schedules and responsibilities compared to other types of employees. Oftentimes, the traditional FTE provider-to-employee ratio inaccurately suggests a lower staffing requirement than necessary, obscuring the actual need for additional support staff.

Unlocking Efficiency in Healthcare: The Impact of Virtual Medical Scribes on Productivity and Patient Care

Achieving efficiency doesn't have to be daunting. Consider this: on average, doctors spend two hours on documentation for every hour of patient care. What if those hours could be reclaimed? This blog, supported by data from three comprehensive studies, delves into the concrete benefits of integrating virtual medical scribes into your practice.

healthcare admin

Embracing the Future: Healthcare Administration in 2024

Revolutionize healthcare admin in 2024 with virtual back office staff. Enhance efficiency, security, and innovation with Physicians Angels.

healthcare administration technology

Adapting to Change in Healthcare Administration: A Guiding Hand for Small Practices

Discover how virtual back-office staff services empower small practices to embrace change, maximize efficiency, and thrive in the future. Learn more with Physicians Angels.

Unveiling the EHR Aftermath: A Post-COVID Reality for Physicians

A recent study published in JAMA sheds light on a concerning trend – more than ever, physicians are spending time immersed in Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and handling patient-related tasks beyond scheduled hours.

The implications of this study underscore the challenges physicians face in the wake of the pandemic, with significant consequences for both their professional and personal lives, as well as the well-being of their patients.

Navigating the Recruitment Challenges in the Medical Industry: The Need for Back Office Support

Behind every successful medical provider is a team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly in the back office to ensure the smooth operation of the practice or facility. Yet, the recruitment challenges in securing these back-office personnel (aka miracle workers), have posed significant hurdles for physician offices. So, what are the underlying causes, and can new virtual staffing solutions provide a promising remedy? Let’s see...

Transcription Services vs. In-Person Scribes vs. Virtual Scribes: Which is Right for You?

These support services have become invaluable to healthcare providers to offset some of the heavy load of documenting patient encounters, there are key differences between them, and each has its own set of pros and cons. Let's explore these differences and discuss why virtual scribes have emerged as a viable option for physicians.


Doctor Communicating with a Medical Scribe in India

The Rise of Virtual Medical Scribes in India: A Win-Win Solution for Providers

The healthcare industry has witnessed a significant transformation when it comes to documentation, with technology playing a pivotal role in increasing efficiency, improving patient care and reducing the burden on physicians. One notable innovation that has gained traction is the use of virtual scribes, and interestingly, a large number of these scribes are based in India.