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Better care and more time for you and your mission critical personnel.

Being a doctor has enough challenges on its own, and then on top of these challenges doctors are now required to complete complex charts every day in EMR’s not designed for the outpatient clinic. Even if they were, why should a doctor double as a typist?

The challenge of keeping up and providing quality patient care is daunting. As patient volume increases, so does the amount of paperwork and charting required for billing and compliance with EMR and hospital/practice regulations. On average, a doctor spends two hours dealing with the onerous documentation requirements for every hour of patient care.


Being a doctor is stressful enough, why should completing notes add to that stress?

Through our Virtual Medical Scribe Service Physicians Angels (the oldest and most trusted Virtual Scribe Company) provides doctors the relief and reassurance of knowing that notes are completed in real-time, allowing doctors to focus on patient care instead of EMR care.

We provide this service in a HIPAA compliant and professional manner without adding another body to the room and at a much less expensive per hour charge. We even eliminate the headaches associated with training, retaining, and making sure the scribes show up.

Physicians Angels estimates that the average Family or Internal Medicine Provider can see additional revenues of $50,000 per year, if she sees 1-2 more patients per clinic day.

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Any Practice Can Benefit from Remote Scribes


Physicians' Angels virtual medical scribes receive high-level training across multiple medical disciplines to cover overlap and ensure that every doctor is partnered with an experienced, accurate, and reliable paraprofessional, no matter what they practice.


You see upwards of 60 patients per day⁠—that is a lot of charting. Your life is hectic enough. Why add the burden of documentation? Our Virtual Scribes complete your charts in real-time.



Our flexible and exceptional service takes into consideration varying schedules, ensuring a match for maximum productivity and reduced costs.



It's 2:00 am, and you just helped deliver another bundle of joy into the world. Now, before you get some much-needed rest, be sure to close your notes! Physicians Angels Virtual Scribes take the burden of EMR documentation off your plate.



Quickly moving from room to room to see different types of injuries is a part of your day. The more patients you see, the bigger difference you make. Why add the stress of EMR documentation?



Hiring future medical students who will leave in 6 months and add another body to an already crowded room? Our service provides 24/7 coverage at a fraction of the cost and headache of onsite scribes.


Hiring a Virtual Scribe will allow you to focus solely on your patients and their families, while at the same time having your notes completed in real-time, leading to better coding and better care.



Every detail matters in a behavioral consult as the story of someone’s life and the challenges they face unfold. Physicians Angels Virtual Scribes free you to fully engage with your patient.



Every patient is different, and all factors must be taken into consideration when forming a treatment plan. Let Physicians Angels take the burden created by EMR documentation requirements so you can get back to what matters.


From our HIPAA-secure facility, our scribes save time, improve your ability to provide patient care, and even allow you to see more patients daily.