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Staff Shortages are Making it Hard to Keep Up

Between practice consolidation, system-wide budget cuts and recruiting challenges, physician office staffs have been forced to do more with less for years. Add a global pandemic that disrupts staff availability and the back office work really piles up.

Not only is it a major headache to manage, but it can affect patient service and practice revenue.

Now there is an affordable solution that can fit seamlessly into your processes, keep your bottlenecks clear and flex to your needs.

The Physicians Angels Virtual Back Office

Now you can use our Virtual Back Office as an extension of your office. We’ll work seamlessly with your in-office staff and within your EMR or other technology platforms to get and keep your back office running smoothly.

Our most popular Virtual Back Office services:

  • Medical Transcription Service (24-hour turnaround)
  • Insurance Verification
  • Document management
  • State required reporting (e.g., COVID data)
  • Old chart closings
  • EMR data migration

Affordable, Reliable and Flexible

With our affordable rates and guaranteed turnaround times the Physician Angels Virtual Back Office will save you time, money and operational headaches.

The Virtual Back Office can easily adjust to meet your current needs. Use us more when you’re short-staffed or less when fully staffed. Or just when you need help on a one-time migration or backlog.

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