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The Shift Toward Virtual Staffing: Addressing the FTE Provider-to-Employee Ratio

Traditionally, a standard 40-hour workweek is used as a benchmark to define FTEs, but in healthcare, this figure can lead to miscalculations, due to the unique nature of providers’ work schedules and responsibilities compared to other types of employees. Oftentimes, the traditional FTE provider-to-employee ratio inaccurately suggests a lower staffing requirement than necessary, obscuring the actual need for additional support staff.

Unlocking Efficiency in Healthcare: The Impact of Virtual Medical Scribes on Productivity and Patient Care

Achieving efficiency doesn't have to be daunting. Consider this: on average, doctors spend two hours on documentation for every hour of patient care. What if those hours could be reclaimed? This blog, supported by data from three comprehensive studies, delves into the concrete benefits of integrating virtual medical scribes into your practice.

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Embracing the Future: Healthcare Administration in 2024

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