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Enhancing Efficiency And Easing Burnout: The ENT Scribe Approach

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The clerical burden introduced by the EHRs is undeniably the major cause of burnout among ENT physicians, exacerbated by time pressures, long work hours and excessive workload. But how did we get to this point? It largely stems from the tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks needed to comply with regulatory requirements or justify billing. Moreover, in the US, chart notes are 4 times longer than in other nations with ENT physicians spending two hours on documentation chores for every one hour of direct patient care – a workload that significantly fuels burnout. However, a big chunk of the administrative work ENT physicians have to do on EHRs could be effectively delegated to the documentation specialists – ENT scribes. By taking over the burdensome administrative tasks imposed by EHRs, ENT scribes can contribute to enhancing efficiency and easing burnout.

What Is The Primary Cause Of Burnout Among ENT Physicians?

The primary contributor to burnout among ENT physicians is the burden of bureaucratic tasks, according to a recent survey by Medscape. This year, 9,100 physicians across 29 specialties took part in a 10-minute online survey. Nearly 62% of ENT physicians stated that they are burdened by "too many bureaucratic tasks," such as charting and paperwork, and the "increased computerization of practice." The next factor identified in the survey “too many hours at work”, was reported by 41% of respondents. It's evident that if ENT physicians are expressing frustration with long work hours, the additional stress of paperwork and bureaucracy only exacerbates the issue. The consensus is clear: burdensome administrative work continues to frustrate ENT physicians. If you are wondering if there’s a solution to ease the administrative workload, yes we do have. Taking the help of human scribes is one such approach to reduce the administrative tasks, for ENT physicians, thus preventing burnout.

Are The Primary Factors Contributing To ENT Burnout Connected To "Time"

Paperwork and administrative tasks continue to creep up and consume much of an ENT physician’s time. How much time do you think they dedicate to these tasks? Well, according to the Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2023, ENT physicians spend around 14 hours per week on paperwork and administrative duties. With more time spent on EHR-related tasks, there's less time left for what they truly enjoy doing – caring for patients. ENT physicians already work long hours, and the increasing demands on their time are making things even more exhausting. In fact, according to the 2023 Medscape report, spending too many hours at work ranked third on the list of factors contributing to burnout. As you can see, all these issues revolve around "time" – either spending too much of it on certain tasks or not having enough time for patient care. So, improving practice efficiency by utilizing an ENT scribe to assist with paperwork and other administrative duties can significantly reduce burnout among ENT physicians.

Can ENT Scribes Enhance Practice Efficiency And Revenue?

Scribes have been proposed as one approach to reduce ENT physician EHR workload and improve efficiency and revenue. The use of ENT scribes has consistently been shown to boost productivity and efficiency by alleviating the EHR documentation burdens. By being relieved from the constant task of note-taking and EHR updates, ENT physicians can achieve higher levels of productivity. This means they can dedicate more time to patient care and less to record-keeping. As a result, they can accommodate an additional five to eight patients per day, leading to increased practice revenue. Seeing approximately two new or three returning patients daily is sufficient to make the ENT scribe program profitable within a year.


The burden of administrative tasks, particularly EHR documentation, continues to plague ENT physicians, leading to burnout and decreased efficiency. However, integrating ENT scribes into the workflow offers a promising solution to alleviate this burden and enhance practice efficiency. By delegating time-consuming tasks such as documentation and paperwork to trained professionals, ENT physicians can reclaim valuable time that can be redirected towards patient care, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reducing burnout. So, to all ENT physicians facing the overwhelming demands of paperwork and administrative tasks, consider partnering with Physicians Angels’ ENT virtual scribes. Let us help you focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional care to your patients.

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