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Scribes For Cardiology – Everything You Need To Know

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Scribes For Cardiology – Everything You Need To Know

Cardiology is a specialty that necessitates accurate and thorough documentation for effective patient care. However, cardiologists often face a high documentation burden that not only hinders their efficiency but also jeopardizes patient care. Adding a scribe specifically trained for cardiology practices could be a smart move to enhance the quality and efficiency of patient care. A cardiology scribe is a professional who assists cardiologists by documenting patient visits in real-time. By streamlining the documentation process, scribes enable cardiologists to focus more on direct patient care, ultimately improving both the quality and efficiency of cardiology practices.

What Experience Does A Cardiology Scribe Need?

The minimum requirement for becoming a cardiology scribe is to complete high school or GED. However, some employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related field. Additionally, a minimum of 2-3 years' experience in medical scribing is mandatory. Candidates with medical scribe certification, EHR training certification and specialty experience in EHR documentation stand out among others.

The Roles and Responsibilities Of A Cardiology Scribe

  • Documenting the chief compliant, patient history, including history of present illness, review of systems, past medical and surgical histories, family and social histories, medications and allergies, physical examination findings, laboratory and imaging results/tests , ICD and CPT codes, assessment and plan, and E&M coding during patient visits in real-time.
  • Assisting during cardiac procedures like angiograms, echocardiograms, and stress tests by documenting the details in real-time.
  • Informing patients about treatment plans and lifestyle changes as recommended by the provider.
  • Uploading prescriptions for provider review and sending them to the pharmacy.
  • Entering patient orders including any lab tests, imaging tests, or medications as directed by the provider
  • Assisting in time management to keep providers on schedule, allowing them to prioritize patient-centered care.
  • Faxing medical records to patients' primary care physicians.
  • Scheduling appointments within the EHR system.
  • Staying up-to-date with cardiology terminology, abbreviations, procedures, advancements and proper documentation practices through continuous learning.
  • Understanding and adhering to HIPAA privacy regulations to safeguard sensitive patient information.

How A Scribe Can Benefit Your Cardiology Practice

Cardiology scribes offer a potential solution not just for reducing documentation burdens, but also for enhancing physician productivity and practice profitability. Research confirms that cardiology scribes can improve physician productivity by 10%. This increased productivity translates to 84 more new patients and 423 additional follow-up patients annually. Scribe assistance led to the generation of 3,029 extra wRVUs and $1,372,694 more in yearly revenue, with scribe costs at $98,588. Overall, cardiology medical scribes appear to be a promising strategy to boost physician productivity, drive revenue growth, and produce significant improvements in physician satisfaction.

As a cardiologist your daily routine is likely stressful because patient interactions often carry life-or-death consequences. Why take the stress of documenting and updating medical records as well? Leave it in the hands of the experts – Physician Angels.

Why Choose Physicians Angels’ Cardiology Scribes

- Our cardiology virtual scribes are experts in documentation, trained to adapt to the unique documentation preferences and workflow of your cardiology practice.

- They possess specialized training in medical terminology, procedures, and treatments specific to cardiology.

- Our scribes undergo rigorous training in cardiology-specific EHR documentation, ensuring accurate and complete notes every time.

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