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Burnout In Dermatologists - Can A Scribe Help?


Burnout is a growing issue and takes a toll on the well-being of physicians and the quality of patient care. Despite this trend, dermatologists have consistently enjoyed being ranked last or near last among all medical specialties when it comes to experiencing burnout. But a recent research paints a different picture. In a 2019 survey of more than 30,000 physicians, nearly 50% of dermatologists reported experiencing burnout, a rate similar to the national average across all specialties. The causes for physician burnout are multifactorial, with administrative workload being the major contributor, impacting both the physician and patients. Hence, understanding the factors contributing to burnout in dermatology is essential for effectively addressing this issue. One potential solution is the use of scribes, which helps alleviate administrative burdens and allows dermatologists to focus more on patient care, potentially reducing burnout.

Let us now discuss some of the most prevalent causes for burnout in Dermatologists.

  • Bureaucratic and Administrative Tasks

    : In dermatology, burnout often stems from the heavy burden of bureaucratic and administrative tasks that dermatologists face alongside their clinical responsibilities. The increase in paperwork and other administrative responsibilities eats away at time that could otherwise be dedicated to patient care or personal well-being. Addressing this bureaucratic workload is crucial to preserving the well-being of dermatologists and ensuring quality care for patients.
  • EHR-Induced Stress: EHRs can contribute to burnout through increased administrative burden and interference with focusing on the patient. The relentless demands of EHR documentation, coupled with clerical tasks, contribute to a sense of overwhelming “technostress” among dermatologists. This strain not only diminishes job satisfaction but also compromises the quality of patient care. Addressing EHR-related stressors is essential to reduce burnout and ensure the well-being of both the dermatologist and patients.
  • Insurance and Regulatory Demands: Dermatology practitioners are experiencing significant burnout due to the overwhelming demands of insurance and regulatory compliance. Navigating insurance appeals and prior authorizations, meeting regulatory requirements, and dealing with the complexities of healthcare reimbursement systems can contribute to stress and frustration among dermatologists. Addressing these challenges is crucial to safeguarding dermatologists' mental well-being and maintaining high-quality patient care.
  • Work-life Imbalance: “Pajama time" – the after-hours time spent on documentation is linked to higher levels of burnout and decreased work-life satisfaction among dermatologists. It sucks time away from family and hobbies, and erodes the essence of work-life balance. Addressing this issue is crucial to safeguarding the well-being of dermatologists and promoting a healthier balance between professional and personal life.
  • High Patient Volume: Another reason attributed to burnout in dermatology is high patient volume. The pressure to care for too many patients in too little time and with too few resources can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and diminished job satisfaction. Moreover, the pressure to maintain quality care amidst a high volume of cases adds to the emotional and mental toll. Addressing this issue requires a solution to alleviate workload pressures, improve efficiency, and ensure optimal patient care.

The Upshot

The challenges contributing to burnout in dermatology emphasize the need for a solution to support the well-being of dermatologists and enhance patient care. One such solution is the integration of scribes into dermatology practices. By reducing the regulatory and administrative burden related to the use of EHRs, dermatology scribes can enable dermatologists to redirect their refocus towards delivering high-quality patient care, thereby reclaiming valuable time for personal well-being. Scribes can significantly decrease documentation time, leading to increased job satisfaction and reduction of physician burnout. Sounds impressive? Hire Physicians Angels’ dermatology virtual scribes today. Fight burnout and get your focus back on track.

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